Users create value; Networks multiply effects; People build connections; and Zynga has taken advantage of all of this

As O’Reilly discussed in What is Web 2.0, the value of a business in the Web 2.0 era. As per the Architecture of Participation – users add value. And developing applications which get better… Continue reading

Lightweight Models and the Cost Effective Scalability of Instagram

The last pattern O’Reilly discussed in What is Web 2.0 is the importance of lightweight models and cost effective scalability. When we’re referring to lightweight models we mean those systems that allow for… Continue reading

Leveraging the Long Tail for Soundcloud

So you’ve probably heard of this concept of Leveraging the Long Tail from O’Reilly’s 8 patterns in what is Web 2.0 – but what exactly does it mean? Well the concept is that a… Continue reading

Perpetually LinkedIn Beta

As I mentioned in my previous article one of the most important patterns of Web 2.0 applications, as discussed in O’Reilly’s what is Web 2.0?, is Perpetual Beta. Kat Skinner has written a good summary… Continue reading

Urbanspoon is Above The Level of a Single Device

 O’Reilly describes in his What Is Web 2.0 one of the most important patterns of Web 2.0, and a core competency of Web 2.0 companies, is to see software above the level of a single… Continue reading

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

Is what Oscar Wilde once said but what would he say of Web 2.0’s pattern of rich user experience; surely not a mistake? For those not in the know I am talking about… Continue reading

Tumblr’s Innovation in Assembly

This post focuses on Tumblr and O’Reillys next pattern of Web 2.0 Innovation in Assembly. What’s great about the new world order of the internet are web services. These web services which have eliminated the need… Continue reading is the Next “Intel Inside”

I’m going to continue along the lines of music in Web 2.0 (as per my Last.FM post) with a discussion on how – the music blog aggregator site – is the next… Continue reading – The benefits of harnessing collective intelligence

So my old blog died. Apparently I had problems with my memory allocation, something to do with PHP. Anyway it died, along with my notes from last week and I’ve only just got… Continue reading

My thoughts on what is Web 2.0

So I’m reading Tim O’Reilly’s What Is Web 2.0 ( and this is what I’ve got out of it. O’Reilly believes (or believed a few years ago – remember this is an article… Continue reading

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